Where to Stay in Dubai (2024 – Most Amazing Areas)


You’re looking for a holiday to a big city full of spectacle. You’ve chosen United Arab Emirates, and now you’re wondering where to stay in Dubai.

With so much to see and do, it’s vital to pick the area and hotel that’s right for you. In this post, allow me to take you around the Dubai metropolis, from the Burj Khalifa – world’s tallest building, to the man-made Palm Island.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each district and consider a variety of hotels for you to choose from so that you can make the most of your trip!

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Things to do in Dubai

Dubai is perhaps the most modern city on Earth, replacing Tokyo as the city best known for its futuristic designs and tech. It’s home to artificial islands, the world’s tallest building, the world’s largest shopping mall, indoor dry ski-slopes, and cinemas where you can eat a gourmet meal as you watch the latest blockbuster.

The city also mixes the old with the new: you can find traditional bazaars which sell jewellery, spices, and local fabrics. It’s also covered in white sandy beaches for you to relax on when you’re done with shopping and exploring.

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Where to Stay in Dubai (Quick Tips)

Wondering where to stay in Dubai, United Arab Emirates? Read my handpicked selection of the best hotels in Dubai from luxury hotels to budget stays, including which area is the best for you. This guide is perfect for solo travelers, families and couples, and it includes hotels for any budget #dubai #UAE

Bur Dubai


Why stay in Bur Dubai:

  • Dubai’s great historic district
  • Grand Mosque – a must-visit cultural spot
  • Amazing district for history lovers and photographers



Why stay in Deira:

  • A huge coastal area with ports and ships
  • Home to the famous and beautiful Port Saeed
  • A great area for lovers of the sea



Why stay in Jumeirah:

  • A beachside resort district beside the world-famous Palm Islands
  • A quiet suburban district by the sea
  • Beautiful beaches to swim and relax at

Dubai Marina


Why stay at Dubai Marina:

  • A great place to sail and take boating trips
  • Tour the city by boat from its edges
  • A cool man-made island

The Palm

The Palm

Why stay at The Palm:

  • The world-famous artificial island in the shape of a palm tree
  • Home to many celebrities and the most stunning houses
  • Isolated from the mainland in a bubble of luxury

Al Fahidi

Dubai Al Fahidi Historical District

Why stay in Al Fahidi:

  • Home to Dubai’s best museums and galleries
  • An excellent arts and culture district
  • Quiet and beautiful to wander and explore


Burj Khalifa

Why stay Downtown:

  • Home to the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall
  • Best shopping on Earth!
  • Where you’ll find all of Dubai’s best architecture

How to Find the Best Dubai Hotels for You

If you’re heading to Dubai for your holiday, you already know that it’s a blistering hot city full of iconic modern landmarks and the best shopping on Earth. Now you just have to decide what you want to be closest to and what your budget is.

If you’re heading to Dubai to be wowed by its crazy architecture, that’s all downtown. If you want to discover some Middle Eastern history, Bur Dubai and Al Fahidi are the complete opposites to Downtown. And if you want water and beaches, all of that can be found on The Palm, Jumeirah, and Dubai Marina. So, think about what you want most out of your trip, and check out my hotel guide!

Where to Stay in Bur Dubai

Historic district, home to the Grand Mosque

Bur Dubai is the more traditional cultural hub of Dubai. It’s home to the city’s most beautiful mosques, the crown jewel of these being the Grand Mosque. If you’re a lover of Middle Eastern history, religion, and culture, this area will certainly not leave you wanting!

Hotels I love in Bur Dubai

Luxury – TIME Dunes Hotel Apartments Oud Metha

The rooms of this hotel are stunning, with wood panel décor on every wall. There’s a pool which overlooks the entire skyline. Your room also features a washing machine and a microwave for extra home comfort. Prices start at $75.

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Mid-range – FORM Hotel Dubai

This hotel is absolute comfort. The breakfasts are some of the most delicious in the whole city, and each room comes with a massive TV and a Chromecast to use at your leisure. There’s also a huge menu at the restaurant, accommodating all tastes! Prices start at $50.

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Budget – Premier Inn Dubai Al Jaddaf

With a buffet breakfast that features halal options and a pool for guests to enjoy, this hotel caters to all budget travelers, treating you like luxury guests! It also has fantastic easy access to the bustle of Downtown Dubai. Prices go from $30.

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Pros and Cons of Staying in Bur Dubai


  • The most beautiful traditional buildings are here
  • Perfect for you if you’re a fan of local history and culture


  • There’s very little modern, glitzy Dubai to be found here
  • Not ideal if you’re a family with children – they might be bored

Where to Stay in Deira

Coastal district, home to Port Saeed

One of the most relaxing districts, Deira is an area along the coast. Port Saeed is perfect for those who want to spend a lot of time on the water. From here you can take boat trips and cruises along the water to explore the city from a more peaceful vantage!

Hotels I love in Deira

Luxury – Aloft City Centre Deira

Both the rooms and the restaurant at this lovely Dubai hotel are decorated with a real modern décor style. And city views go on for miles and miles. There’s also a pool table and a roof terrace for you to enjoy in your down-time! Prices start at $90.

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Mid-range – Hyatt Place Dubai Al Rigga

This Dubai hotel features a state-of-the-art gym for you to get the most out of. The rooms themselves are also massively spacious! There’s an awesome outdoor pool for you to enjoy and relax at after a hot day exploring the city. Prices go from $60.

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Budget – Landmark Premier Hotel

The bedrooms and bathrooms at this Deira Hotel are lavishly decorated. There’s a restaurant and a pool to help you unwind after a busy day. The rooms also all feature a fantastic view of the skyline. Prices start from $40.

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Pros and Cons of Staying in Deira


  • Great if you’re a fan of the water and sailing
  • A more peaceful area to stay, without the Downtown bustle


  • Not much shopping and exploring to do here on land
  • Little to love if you’re not a fan of the water

Where to Stay in Jumeirah

A residential, beachside area

This is the area to be in if your holiday goals are relaxing on the beach, reading a book on a deckchair, or swimming in the sea. It’s a great place to stay if you have children, because of its easy access to the busier areas, but it’s also a perfect escape from all the excitement.

Hotels I love in Jumeirah

Luxury – Dream Inn Dubai Apartments

These luxury apartments are designed with a big family or a group in mind. They’re colourful and bright, with an incredible city view! You’re also five minutes away from all the best tourist spots and restaurants. Prices start at $840 for six people.

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Mid-range – Jumeira Rotana

With a pool, a bar, and a gym, this hotel is far from budget. It has everything that a luxury hotel could need, including heavenly comfort! The rooms are stunning and the beds insanely comfortable. They’re like a hug. Prices start at $56 per night.

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Budget – Al Khoory Executive Hotel

The rooms at this hotel are more like apartments, with a living space and a bedroom. They’re beautiful; and tearing yourself away might be a struggle! When you do, you’ll find some great restaurants nearby. Prices go from $41 per night.

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Pros and Cons of Staying in Jumeirah


  • It has the best beaches in the city
  • Ideal for families to stay and relax by the sea


  • Not much shopping to be done here
  • It’s a very commercialised area

Where to Stay in Dubai Marina

An artificial canal city along the shoreline

The fact that the Dubai Marina is a completely artificial area is cool enough in its own right. It’s also a very calm and beautiful district to stay in, near to all the shopping and busy excitement but far away to give you a decent break.

Hotels I love in Dubai Marina

Luxury – Grosvenor House Apartments

This Dubai hotel has some of the best views of the whole city! The rooms are cozy and beautifully decorated. The breakfast also offers a range of continental and buffet options. Each room has its own dining options, meaning you can enjoy your meals in your own privacy, if you’d prefer. Prices start at $130.

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Mid-range – Marina Hotel Apartments

At this hotel you’re treated to not one, but two pools. One of these pools is just for kids, making it the perfect hotel to bring your family! Sweeping views of the city on all sides mean it’s one of the most beautiful hotels to stay at in the whole Marina. Prices start at $100.

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Budget – Top Dubai Apartment

This fantastic Dubai Marina apartment comes with a jaw-dropping sea view. You’re in one of the most relaxing areas in the city, and to top it off you have a perfect ocean view. If the water is, more than the city, your thing, then you won’t do better than this! Prices go from $60.

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Pros and Cons of Staying in Dubai Marina


  • Great for fans of boats, sailing, and cruises
  • An impressive feat of engineering to marvel at!


  • Can feel a little out-of-the-way
  • Not much to interest you if you don’t care about boats and the ocean

Where to Stay at The Palm

An artificial island paradise in the shape of a palm tree

This is arguable Dubai’s proudest spectacle. Palm Island is an entirely man-made construct stretching out to sea. Celebrities have houses on The Palm, and it’s considered the absolute height of luxury!

Hotels I love in The Palm

Luxury – Dream Inn Dubai Luxury Villa

With the most splendid views in Dubai, and the highest of luxury furniture and décor, this is the most luxury one could rightly imagine staying in. The rooms are colourful, bright, and their furnishings are made from the highest quality woods. Prices start at $1730 for a family.

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Mid-range – Getaway

This villa will make you feel like a Sheikh. With an outdoor pool and a chandelier in every room, this is absolute bliss turned up to eleven! You’ll struggle to leave this villa, given how much luxury you’ll wake up to each morning. Prices go from $750.

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Budget – Dream Inn Dubai Tiara

These stunning rooms are flooded with natural light from a forever-blue Dubai sky. Huge balconies overlook the bay and the ocean beyond. The rooms themselves are spacious and ideal if you’re as couple looking for an affordable semi-luxurious stay in Dubai. Prices for this budget luxury start at $261 for a 6-person apartment.

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Pros and Cons of Staying in The Palm


  • One of the most incredible pieces of modern engineering you’ll ever see!
  • The height of luxury


  • You might feel trapped from access to the mainland
  • It’s incredibly costly
The Palm

Where to Stay in Al Fahidi

An historic museum and art district

Much like Bur Dubai, this area is all about the real local culture. The city’s best art galleries and history museums can be found here, so it’s an ideal place if you’re in Dubai for its history rather than its glamour.

Hotels I love in Al Fahidi

Luxury – Burjuman Arjaan

This incredible hotel is attached to a shopping mall complex with a wealth of exciting shopping, restaurants, and activities to enjoy! The hotel itself has fantastic rooms with luxury beds and plenty of space to relax and unwind after a day of shopping. Prices go up from $77.

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Mid-range – Raviz Center Point Hotel

The golden décor here is a celebration of the vibrancy of Dubai. It’s a beautifully-decorated hotel with a great gym and a massive luxury buffet. Eat like a queen! Prices start at $67.

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Budget – Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa

Everything about this hotel is about maximising luxury. The décor, furnishings, beds, restaurant, all of it. And all the shopping you need is just downstairs. Prices start at $51.

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Pros and Cons of Staying in Al Fahidi


  • Best museums and galleries in the city
  • Many stunning old buildings to photograph


  • Away from the markets
  • Little to love if you don’t enjoy museums
Dubai Al Fahidi Historical District
Photo by Moody Man

Where to Stay Downtown

Home to all the biggest and most iconic landmarks in the city

Every famous shopping street, mall, and iconic building in Dubai is found right here. Standing proud in the centre is the Burj Khalifa, with the Dubai Mall at its feet. The fountains are stunning, and the shopping is second-to-none.

Hotels I Love Downtown

Luxury – Fantastay

You’ll probably never feel more at home than at this gorgeous apartment. Perhaps even more so, since these apartments come with a fitness centre and a private pool for you to enjoy! The décor is modern and the views are stunning. Prices start at $150.

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Mid-range – Dream Inn

These rooms include balconies which overlook the beautiful downtown area. They are also decorated with bright, vibrant colours that will set your day alight with happy feelings every morning. You can enjoy a continental breakfast and access to the inn’s private pool. Prices go from $108.

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Budget – Hotel Rove

The coolest thing about this Downtown hotel is the Reel Boutique cinema, which is a licenced cinema that you can enjoy to your heart’s content! You’ve also got all the city’s best landmarks right on your doorstep, so it’s easy to get around on foot or in a taxi if it’s particularly hot. Prices start at $85.

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Pros and Cons of Staying in Downtown


  • If you’re here to shop, this is your haven!
  • Standing at the top of the world’s tallest tower is unforgettable


  • Can be too busy for some to fully enjoy
  • There’s little to love if you don’t care for shopping and tall buildings
Burj Khalifa

Are you going to Dubai? Let me know in the comments if you have any questions!

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