24 souvenirs of Thailand that you’ll want to buy immediately

Alright, let’s talk about souvenirs of Thailand.

You’re heading to the Land of Smiles, and you want to know what to buy? I always bring home gifts and souvenirs from Bangkok on my trips, so let me help.

In this post, I’ll give you the lowdown on what to buy in Thailand, where to find it, and how to make sure you’re getting the real deal.

Let’s dive in.

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The best souvenirs of Thailand

🇹🇭 Cultural crafts

When you’re in Thailand, you’ll definitely want to bring back a piece of the local culture.

Here’s a rundown of authentic Thai crafts that you could pick up.

1. Thai silk scarf

The best souvenir of Thailand is a Thai silk scarf. Luxurious and elegant, a Thai silk scarf shines with quality.

You can buy them at markets all over Thailand. Just remember, the shimmer is the silk’s way of saying it’s the real deal.

Souvenirs from Thailand - Sarong

2. Handicrafts

Skilled artisans pour their hearts into creating unique handicrafts.

Each item tells a story of tradition, from carved wooden figures to intricate pottery.

3. Lanterns

Thai lanterns are like little beacons of light and hope.

If you’re in Thailand during the Yi Peng Festival, you’ll see what I mean – the sky gets lit up with these lanterns and it’s magical.

4. Gemstones

Thailand is famous for its gemstones, particularly sapphires and rubies.

Choosing them as jewelry or as raw stones can be a great decision. The city of Chanthaburi is known for its vibrant gem market, so when you purchase there, you’re getting quality and a piece of Thailand’s gem expertise.

5. Buddha statues

Buddha statues in Thailand are more than just decorative items; they hold deep spiritual meaning.

It’s important to know the proper etiquette when you’re dealing with these statues.

For instance, they should be placed in a respectful spot, not on the ground or in low-lying areas, and it’s considered disrespectful to point your feet at them.

Souvenirs from Thailand - Statues

6. Handwoven baskets

Handwoven baskets in Thailand are practical and can be used for a variety of purposes, like storage or decoration.

The art of basket weaving is passed down through generations, and you’ll find that these baskets are made with natural materials like bamboo, rattan, and palm.

Souvenirs from Thailand - Thai Handicrafts

7. Rice paper umbrellas

Thai rice paper umbrellas are a smart buy because they’re not just for keeping dry.

They’ve got beautiful Thai designs on them, making them a cool piece of the local culture you can actually use or display back home.

Souvenirs from Thailand - Umbrella

8. Silver jewelry

Chiang Mai’s silver jewelry is usually handcrafted and comes with unique designs that are important to the local hill tribes.

When you buy a piece, it’s like wearing a story that reflects the traditions and skills of the hill tribe artisans.

9. Hill tribe crafts

Hill tribe crafts in Thailand are diverse, with everything from woven clothes to handmade jewelry.

Each piece tells you a bit about the different ethnic groups there. It’s a way to see and appreciate Thailand’s indigenous cultures up close.

Thai souvenirs

10. Ceramic benjarong

If you’re into souvenirs that are both practical and pretty, Benjarong ceramics from Thailand are right up your alley.

They come with bold colors and detailed patterns, all hand-painted, and some even have gold.

Souvenirs from Thailand - Ceramic benjarong

11. Tuk-tuk models

Tuk-tuks are a hallmark of Bangkok, so what better way to remember your trip than with a tuk-tuk model?

Miniatures of Thailand’s iconic three-wheelers are quirky keepsakes.

Souvenirs from Thailand - Tuk tuk

12. Elephant statue

The elephant is a symbol of good luck and power in Thailand.

If you want to bring some Thai culture home, you might want to browse elephant statues when searching for souvenirs in Thailand.

They come in various sizes and materials.

Souvenirs from Thailand - Thai elephant

13. Flower soap carvings

One of the first things I noticed in Thailand was the intricate flower soap carvings. They’re so beautiful that we’ve had one in our bathroom for years.

They’re cheap and often come in a little decorated box.

Souvenirs from Thailand - Flower soap carvings

14. Waving Lucky Cat

Although it’s not originally Thai, the waving lucky cat is an item you’ll see everywhere in Thailand. In hotels, in restaurants, and shops.

It’s believed to give good fortune.

Souvenirs from Thailand - Waving lucky cat

15. Thai Khon mask

Thai Khon masks are colorful and steeped in Thai tradition.

They represent mythical stories and are a unique Thai souvenir to hang on your wall back home.

Souvenirs from Thailand - Thai khon mask

🇹🇭 Thai souvenirs you can eat or drink

When you’re in Thailand, you should bring back the flavors. Stick to these three classics:

16. Thai spices

Thai cuisine is a blast of flavor, and that’s thanks to its spices.

Dried herbs and spice blends pack light and crank up the heat or complexity in any dish.

Look for packages of lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, or ready-to-cook kits for stepping up your kitchen game.

Thai cooking class

17. Thai tea

Bold, aromatic, and a visual treat with its bright orange hue, Thai Tea defines refreshment.

Grab some from a local store. Typical prices range, but it’s a cheap thing to buy in Thailand. Brew it back home for an instant teleport back to Thailand.

18. Coconut oil products

Coconut oil is a Thai staple, and your skin and hair will thank you for it.

Creams, lotions, or the oil itself – they’re all good.

The markets offer coconut oil products that are pure and often infused with tropical scents. They’re lightweight Thailand must-buy souvenirs.

🇹🇭 Thai souvenirs you can wear

Whether you’re looking for comfortable clothes or unique home decor, you’ll find great items in Thailand.

19. Elephant pants

You can’t walk through a market in Thailand without seeing elephant pants.

These are not only comfortable, but they also come in a variety of patterns and fabrics. I have 5-7 of these in different colors, in fact, I’m wearing a pair right now – they’re perfect for lounging.

Souvenirs from Thailand - Elephant pants

20. Havaianas

Although not originally from Thailand, Havaianas are a hit here because they’re comfortable and durable, perfect for handling Thailand’s tropical climate.

They come in many designs, often with bright colors and prints.

21. Coconut bowls

Coconut bowls are a popular eco-friendly souvenir, made from discarded coconut shells.

They’re perfect for smoothie bowls or as decorative pieces that bring a piece of Thailand’s sustainable lifestyle to your dining table.

22. Sarong

Sarongs are a must in Southeast Asia. It should be the first thing you buy in Thailand!

You can use them as beach wraps, blankets, dresses, for sleeping, and much more.

And one more thing – sarongs are super durable. I bought my purple sarong in Thailand back in 2006, and I still have it.


23. Backpacker bracelets

Every traveler seems to leave Thailand with at least one woven bracelet, myself included.

You can get them with shells, pearls, or braided – there are so many varieties and they’re super cheap.

24. Same Same But Different T-Shirt

In Thailand, you’ll hear the phrase “Same Same but Different” – it’s a national slogan.

Anywhere you look, you’ll see backpackers wearing a T-shirt or singlet with a “Same Same but Different” print.

The Singha print or neon-colored Fullmoon Party T-shirts are quite popular souvenirs, too. I’ve kept all mine although I haven’t been to a Fullmoon Party in 15 years – they’re fun memories.

🇹🇭 Where to buy souvenirs in Thailand

You can find Thai souvenirs in plenty of places around Thailand, but these are some of the top spots:

Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok 

Chatuchak Market is huge – like, you-can-find-anything-you-want huge. It’s the perfect spot for souvenir shopping in Bangkok, with stalls selling everything from T-shirts to tasty Thai spices.

This place is always buzzing with people looking for good deals, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

MBK Center, Bangkok

My favorite shopping center in Thailand!

MBK Center is this massive mall where you can escape the Bangkok heat and still find some great souvenirs. It’s got a bit of everything – fake sneakers, real gems, you name it.

It’s not as traditional as a street market, but it’s convenient and you’ll find plenty of souvenir options.

Thai gifts

Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok 

If you totally spaced on buying souvenirs, don’t worry – Suvarnabhumi Airport has plenty. Sure, it’s a bit pricier, but for last-minute shopping, it’s fine.

They’ve got all the classic Thai stuff, from snacks to silk, so you can grab something quick before your flight.

Phuket Old Town 

Phuket Old Town is a great place to pick up souvenirs. It’s less touristy and full of character, with shops selling local art, T-shirts, and unique crafts.

It’s got a laid-back vibe, and you can find some really unique stuff there that’s not just the usual touristy fare. Plus, the food’s amazing, so you can snack while you shop.

FAQ – Souvenirs from Thailand

What cannot be exported from Thailand?

Here’s a quick list of items you cannot export from Thailand:

  1. Narcotics
  2. Pornographic materials
  3. Counterfeit trademark goods and IPR infringing goods
  4. Fake currency notes or coins
  5. Reserved animals or those listed by CITES
  6. Certain Buddha images and artifacts
  7. Durian fruit (because it smells)

For a detailed list and regulations, always check with Thai Customs before buying your souvenirs.

What is Thailand’s famous souvenir?

Thai silk is super famous as a souvenir from Thailand. It’s high-quality, looks great, and you can find it in a bunch of different products like scarves, bags, and clothing.

What is best to buy from Thailand?

The best gifts to buy from Thailand include Thai silk for its quality and beauty, spa products for a bit of pampering, and local spices to recreate Thai flavors at home.

What should you bring from Thailand?

Consider bringing back coconut oil products, Thai tea, and snacks like dried mango.

Hand-carved wooden items are also great and don’t overlook the beautiful silver jewelry for something special.

What is Thailand’s famous product?

Thailand is well-known for its automotive industry, being the largest in Southeast Asia.

It’s also a major producer of electronics, particularly computer components and integrated circuits. Thailand is one of the world’s top exporters of rice and rubber.

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