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Cities in Bosnia

There’s something about waterfalls. That thundering sound of the water hitting the bottom… oohh, it’s music to my ears. It’s peaceful, therapeutic even. That’s probably why I fell so hard for Switzerland, Croatia and Slovenia, which – despite its small size – has no less than 300 waterfalls!

But back to Kravice waterfalls, Bosnia, because that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

In this post I’ll introduce you to one of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s highlights. I’ll share all the tips on when to go, how much it costs and how to get there. Let’s dig in.

In this post I’ll introduce you to Kravice waterfalls, one of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s highlights. I’ll share all the tips on when to go, how much it costs and how to get there. Get it here.


Kravice waterfalls (or Kravica, as they call it in Bosnian) is a series of waterfalls in the southern part of the country. It’s located just an hour’s drive from Mostar, another major sight and probably the most popular place in the country. People tend to combine Mostar and Kravice if they’re on a day trip from Dubrovnik or Sarajevo (more on that below).

When you arrive at the entrance, you’ll have three ways of getting down to the waterfalls.

  1. Walk down the stairs (impossible with a stroller or wheelchair)
  2. Take the long gravel road (takes about 25 minutes)
  3. Jump the tourist bus (goes back and forth regularly)

Mostar, Bosnia


I’ll be honest with you, Kravice isn’t super easy to reach. Although it’s located close to Mostar, it’s almost impossible to get there unless you join a tour or have a car. But fret not, this shouldn’t hold you from going! These are your options:

Day tour from Sarajevo:
This is what I did. I joined Meet Bosnia on a day trip to Kravice, Mostar, Blagaj and Pocitelj. These guys have other great tours so it’s worth checking them out.

Day tour from Mostar:
The easiest would be to join a day tour from Mostar, because it’s so close. Expect to pay $40 – $46 for a 6-hour tour, which includes a visit to the beautiful Blagaj Tekke.

Day tour from Dubrovnik, Croatia:
Day tours from Dubrovnik run daily. It takes 2.5 hours and includes a visit to Mostar as well.

You can also crab a taxa from Mostar. I saw several taxi drivers waiting in the parking lot at the waterfalls, but make sure to arrange the trip back just in case.

Drive yourself:
If you have a car, simply plot in Kravice in Google Maps. You’ll be heading for Ljubuski, which is a mere 10 minutes from the waterfalls.

Mostar, Bosnia


The entrance fee varies depending on when you visit. Here are the recent prices (2018) – you can pay in both Kuna and Mark:

  • October – May: 6KM ($4)
  • June and September: 8KM ($5)
  • July and August: 10KM ($6)

Mostar, Bosnia


I visited in October, which was perfect. The weather was still lovely (27 C degrees) and warm enough to swim. There were visitors, but Kravice wasn’t crowded. The only small downside was that the water wasn’t at its fullest. But it didn’t really matter if you ask me.

I do want to give a piece of advice: Make sure to visit before the afternoon – at least if you’re visiting in autumn. The thing is that when you visit in the afternoon, you’ll have the sun in your face, which is a problem when you take photos. From 11-2 pm would be the perfect time to visit.

Mostar, Bosnia


YES! you can actually swim here. As opposed to Plitvice lakes in Croatia, which I love, you can go nuts swimming, kayaking and boating here.



At least two hours. Ideally, you’d spend 3-4 hours, which gives you time to relax, swim and have a drink or some lunch.

Cities in Bosnia


Wanna get up close with the waterfalls? I totally get that. Although I didn’t join the boat trip here, I’ve done it in Mexico once and it was super fun.

The boat trip costs €5 per person for 20 minutes.

Cities in Bosnia


You can also rent a kayak or canoe. It’s a fun way to get close to the waterfalls and just relax on the water. The rental cost is 10KM/$6 for one hour, 5KM/$3 for 30 minutes and 40KM/$24 for a full day.

Mostar, Bosniatar, Bosnia-24


You’ll find two restaurants at Kravice waterfalls. They’re right next to the waterfalls so you’ll have an amazing view while you eat. They serve things like pizzas, eggs, coffee, beer and the prices are reasonable.

There’s also a small kiosk at the entrance where you can buy water.

Cities in Bosnia


Here’s a list of what to bring to the waterfalls. If you plan on swimming, there’s a changing room by the lakes.

Cities in Bosnia


Kravice is located within close distance of several beautiful sights. I’ve already mentioned Mostar, which is a must if you’re in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Another highlight is Blagaj Tekke, which is a 600-year old Dervish monastery, built under a cliff.

You can read my post about the 7 most beautiful places in Bosnia here.

Mostar, Bosnia

Have you been to Kravice? Do you have questions that I didn’t already cover?