9 best beaches in Premantura you should visit

Looking for the best beaches in Premantura? I recently went beach hopping in Kamenjak National Park and have listed all the best beaches in this post.

Premantura beaches

Just 20 minutes south from Pula lies Premantura and the beautiful Cape Kamenjak National Park.

This small peninsula has more than 30 km of coastline with crystal blue and clean sea, numerous hidden coves and 23 amazing beaches!

In this post, I’ve handpicked the best beaches including a bonus beach on the secluded island of Porer.

Let’s take a look.

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Map of the best beaches in Premantura

On the map below, I’ve listed the best beaches in Premantura that are mentioned in this post.

Simply click on the number to find the beach. You can zoom in and out by clicking the + and – sign in the corner.

Entrance fees

It costs a small fee for vehicles to enter Kamenjak Nature Reserve. Environmental protection is important here, and it’s really amazing that cyclists and pedestrians have free entry to the nature park.

Price for vehiclesPrice(EUR/Kn)
2/5- 14/6
16/9 – 31/10
15/6 -15/9
1-day entrance pass – scooter/motorcycle5€/37,67Kn8€/60,28Kn
1-day entrance pass – car10€/75,35Kn15€/113,02Kn
1-day entrance pass – camper20€/150,69Kn30€/226,04Kn
1-day entrance pass – bus60€/452,07Kn90€/678,11Kn
3-day entrance pass – scooter/motorcycle12€/90,41Kn18€/135,62Kn
3-day entrance pass – car25€/188,36Kn35€/263,71Kn
1-week entrance pass – scooter/motorcycle30€/226,04Kn40€/301,38Kn
1-week entrance pass – car55€/414,40Kn80€/602,76Kn

How to get around

As mentioned above, Kamenjak has 30 km of coastline so walking is out of the question.

With a tour

You can bring a bike or join a bike tour (⭐5/5) to see the highlights, or kayak between the beaches and caves (⭐5/5).

I recently discovered this awesome tour where you can get between the islands in a transparent kayak! That means you can see everything below you as you paddle through the water. So cool! Check it out here – it gets a 5-star rating.

If you’d rather stay on the water and just relax, you’ll enjoy this boat tour with lunch from Pula (⭐5/5) that takes you on a half-day cruise around the Kamenjak peninsula. You can snorkel in clear waters, try cliff jumping and explore the marine life under water.

By car

We went by car, which was super easy and comfortable. There are parking spots near most of the beaches and you’ll just need to walk a little to reach them.

Make sure to use the map above to navigate and find the location of the beaches. There aren’t many signs inside Cape Kamenjak nature park.

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Where to stay near Premantura

Boutique Hotel Oasi (⭐ 9.2) Located 200 m from one of the best beaches in Istria and 10 minutes drive from Pula arena, this eco-friendly hotel is the perfect base. It has an outdoor pool and a wellness area. Check rates and availability.

best beaches in Istria

You’ll need water shoes

The beaches in Istria and Kamenjak are rocky and pebbly, and there are very few sandy beaches here. So, to avoid hurting your feet, you’ll need a pair of these 👇

VIFUUR Water Sports Shoes

These water shoes with non-slip and a firm grip will protect you from the sharp rocks and sea urchins when you enter the sea.

Best beaches in Premantura

On the Premantura peninsula, you’ll find the best Istria beaches, which is the ideal place to bring small children or go with friends.

The pebble beaches might be hard on the feet, but if you’re wearing water shoes, it’s not a problem. They come in kids sizes, too.

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The most beautiful beaches

1. Penizule beach

Let’s start at the top of Kamenjak where you’ll find Penižule beach.

It’s one of the most beautiful bays in Kamenjak, and the pebble beach is surrounded by a sweet-smelling pine forests that gives some shade on hot summer days.

If you’re looking for a place to grab a bite or a drink, there’s a small beach bar that serves up some tasty food, sangria, and beer.

You might also find a fossil or dinosaur footprint if you take a stroll along the rugged limestone coast.

Beach Pinizule

2. Plovanije beach

Plovanije beach is a little further south.

It’s small and less visited than some of the other beaches in Kamenjak. If you want privacy, you can always climb up on the cliffs surrounding the beach.

There are lots of places to sit or leave your towel before you jump in the water.

best beaches in Istria

3. Njieve beach

Njive beach is my favourite beach in Premantura.

It’s the beach next to Plovanije, although you do need to drive a few minutes to get there.

The central part of the beach has small pebbles, and the sides are flat and rocky. It’s a really beautiful beach with crystal clear water and a pretty underwater world.

Since it’s one of the most popular beaches of Cape Kamenjak, there’s a beach bar right above the beach beneath the pine trees if you’re feeling thirsty or hungry. Plus, if you’re looking to relax, there’s even a massage house nearby.

You can also rent some sun beds and parasols if you need them.

And, the best part? There’s a parking spot nearby, so you can leave your car and enjoy the beach without any worries.

best beaches in Istria

4. Radovica beach

Radovica beach is another pebble beach with crystal-clear water and rocky sides, perfect for cliff jumps.

The water gets deep quite fast, so be aware of that when you get in. There’s a parking spot right above the beach.

Radovica beach

5. Mala Kolumbarica

The most popular beach in Premantura is Mala Kolombarica beach, which is on the southernmost tip of Cape Kamenjak.

The beach is rocky with high cliffs up to 15 meters that are perfect for jumping into the water. If you’re feeling daring, you should totally give it a try!

The real attraction is the Mala Kolombarica cave that you can explore by swimming, diving or kayaking. If you’re lucky, you might even spot Mediterranean monk seals inside!

Just above the beach, you can have a bite at the legendary Safari bar.

Mala Kolombarica Beach

6. Sv. Mikule Dražica beach

Sv. Mikule Dražica beach is located in a cove, also at the southern part of Kamenjak.

The rocky coastline with high cliffs are perfect for jumping into the shallow water.

During the summer months, it’s not too crowded, so you can have some privacy and chill out. We were there in mid June and saw maybe 2-3 people in the water.

The only thing is, you can’t get there by car. So, the best bet is to park your car at Debeljak beach or Mala Kolobarica beach parking and make the trek over by foot. It’s worth it!

best beaches in Istria
BEST Kamenjak beaches

7. Franina beach

Close by is Franina beach, which is a small pebble beach with crystal clear waters enclosed by thick pine forest. If you want privacy, this is where you should go.

One of the best things about this beach is that is has flat rocks to lie on, so you’ll just need to bring you towel and some reef-safe SPF.

The downside is that there’s nearly any shade and nowhere to put up a parasol. But if you make sure to visit in the morning before 10 or late in the afternoon, you’ll be alright.

Franina beach

8. Debeljak beach

Debeljak beach is different from other beaches in Kamenjak because it’s flat and large.

If you’re into boating, you can anchor in the safe sandy bottom of Debeljak cove. It’s about 4 meters deep, so you’re good to go.

Debeljak beach is one of the most popular spots on Cape Kamenjak, especially for younger people who love playing the water game called picigin.

And, if you’re feeling thirsty or hungry, head to Debeljak beach bar right in the middle of the action. They’ve got some great drinks and food to keep you going all day.

best beaches in Istria

9. Porer lighthouse (BONUS)

Porer lighthouse is a unique and historic spot located on a small island just off the coast of Kamenjak. You can actually see it from several of the beaches.

It takes two minutes to walk around the small island, but the fun thing is that you can spend the night at the lighthouse from 1833. I did that a couple of years ago and it was a unique experience.

The island of Porer is surrounded by a rocky shore and crystal-clear waters, making it perfect for swimming and snorkeling. And, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even jump from the cliffs into the sea.

istria beach
Porer Lighthouse


What are the best beaches in Premantura?

The best beaches to visit in Premantura are Njive Beach, Penizule Beach and Mala Kolombarica Beach.

Are there any secluded beaches in Premantura?

Yes, there are many secluded beaches in Premantura, such as Franina Beach and Sv. Mikule Dražica beach.

What water activities can you do at the beaches in Premantura?

You can go swimming, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, and paddleboarding at the beaches in Premantura. You can also join a half-day boat tour around Premantura peninsula where you can snorkel and try cliff jumping.

Are there any family friendly beaches in Premantura?

Yes, there are several beaches in Premantura that are suitable for families with kids, such as Penizule Beach, Franina Beach, and Njive Beach.

What are the parking options like at the beaches in Premantura?

There are parking options available at most of the beaches in Premantura, but some may require a 2-7 minute walk from the parking area to the beach.

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