12 best beaches in Koh Lanta that are waiting for you

Looking for the best beaches in Koh Lanta, Thailand? Find the most beautiful beaches to visit on this list.

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Koh Lanta has some amazing beaches and bays.

The waters are crystal clear, which makes them perfect for swimming and snorkeling. There are so many things to do on Koh Lanta compared to the size of the island.

Use my Koh Lanta Beaches guide, and decide where you’d like to spend your time on this Thai island.

Let’s dive in!

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The best beaches in Koh Lanta

What are the beaches like in Koh Lanta?

Koh Lanta has a lot of beaches, all with a laidback vibe. They’re rarely crowded, which is one of the things I like most about Koh Lanta.

Don’t expect beaches or snorkeling like on Koh Phi Phi, though. The water is not as clear. Koh Lanta beaches are still worth visiting and a lot quieter than the average beach in Thailand.

All the beaches in Koh Lanta are on the west coast, aka. perfect for watching the sunset.

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Island hopping, Thailand

Overview of the Koh Lanta beaches

The northern beaches 

Kaw Kwang, Klong Dao, and Long Beach are beautiful beaches with white sand and turquoise water – these were my favorites!

The middle beaches 

Klong Kong, Klong Tob, and Klong Nin are less popular because they’re rocky. However, you’ll find really cheap bungalows here… and privacy.

The southern beaches 

Ba-Kantiang Bay, Klong Jak, Ao Nui, and Bamboo Bay are beautiful, though a bit wild. They’re not as long as the northern beaches, but there’s great accommodation here, from budget to luxury.

best beaches in Koh Lanta

Best beaches in Koh Lanta

1. Klong Toab Beach

Klong Toab is a small bay with clear turquoise waters, great for swimming and snorkeling.

The waves are calm, so it’s easy to jump in for a swim. Snorkeling is fun here, with lots of fish to see right below the surface.

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best beaches in Koh Lanta

2. Kor Kwang Beach

A serene escape with aquamarine waters and fine sand, known for its beautiful curved shape and tranquil vibe.

3. Relax Beach

Relax Beach, or Relax Bay, is a hidden gem in Koh Lanta, perfect for a tranquil getaway.

Known for its hippie vibe beach bars, it’s a great place to unwind.

This secluded small bay is a peaceful day retreat, where you can chill with a cool drink in hand.

Koh Lanta beaches - Relax beach

4. Long Beach (Pra Ae)

Located south of Klong Dao, this 4 km crescent beach has a more rugged terrain and less sheltered waters, making it ideal for adult swimmers.

Affordable resorts and tasty food are easy to find here, with enough space between places to stay so you’ve got your privacy.

5. Klong Khong Beach

Further south, it’s a peaceful 3-kilometer stretch with notable sunsets and a relaxed local atmosphere.

Although sandy spots are limited due to its small size, the reefs make it a haven for divers.

Koh Lanta beaches - Khong Klong beach

6. KlongNin Beach

Take a turn off the main road and you’ll hit this beach with emerald waters. It’s a quiet spot if you’re not into water sports.

You’ve got options from simple bungalows to fancy resorts to stay at, all in a chilled, quiet setting.

Koh Lanta beaches - Klong Nin Beach

7. Kantiang Beach

Nestled by mountains in Koh Lanta National Park, this 1 km beach has privacy, clean sands, and cool spots for snorkeling.

Whether you want to keep it simple or go all out, there’s a range of places to stay.

Koh Lanta beaches - Kantiang Bay

8. Nui Beach

Nui Beach in southern Koh Lanta is a pretty bay with clear blue waters.

It’s surrounded by a lot of greenery, making it a quiet escape from the more crowded beaches up north. It’s a good place for a calm swim or just laying back on the shore.

There’s a trail from Diamond Cliff Beach Resort that takes you down to this beach, showing off a unique view that’s great for snapping some photos.

Koh Lanta beaches - Nui Beach

9. Nui Bay

Nui Bay, down south in Koh Lanta, is not to be confused with Nui Beach. It’s a quiet little spot with just one laid-back hippie bar on the shore.

No places to stay here, just amazing sea views and a relaxed atmosphere. With some comfy hammocks ready, it’s a well-kept secret, making it a real gem in Koh Lanta.

Koh Lanta beaches - Nui Bay

10. Ta Naoad Beach

In the national park, there’s Had Hin Ngam and Tanod Beach, two different beaches without any resorts around.

Drive a bit further south to the island’s Marine Park and you’ve got a great place to relax. With tropical views and some wildlife around, it’s a nice switch up, just you and nature under the big sky.

Koh Lanta beaches - Ta Naoad Beach

11. Bamboo Bay (Ao Mai Pai)

Surrounded by tall mountains from Koh Lanta National Park, it’s a good spot for a swim during low tide.

The beach has white sand, clear water, and some basic resorts. It’s a real getaway from the busy world outside.

Koh Lanta beaches - Bamboo Bay

12. Klongjark Beach

The southernmost beach on Koh Lanta is a quiet place with a nearby waterfall. You can get to the waterfall by an elephant trek or just walk there.

Koh Lanta beaches - Klong Jark Beach

FAQ – best beaches on Koh Lanta

Does Koh Lanta have nice beaches?

Yes, Koh Lanta has beautiful beaches. They’re great for swimming, snorkeling, or just chilling out. Different beaches cater to different vibes, so you’re likely to find one that’s just right for you.

What beach to stay on in Koh Lanta?

It really depends on what you’re looking for. Long Beach has a bit of everything – great sand, eateries, and a range of accommodations.

Klong Dao Beach is family-friendly with calm waters. For a quieter vibe, Klong Nin Beach or Klong Khong Beach are solid choices.

Is Koh Lanta good for swimming?

Yes, Koh Lanta is great for swimming. The waters are generally calm and clear, especially on beaches like Long Beach and Klong Dao Beach.

It’s a good place for a relaxing swim while enjoying the beautiful island scenery.

What beach on Koh Lanta has the best sunset?

For the best sunset views, head to Klong Nin Beach or Long Beach.

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