Solo female travel tips

Are you travelling alone for the first time?  Are you worried something might happen? Not sure when to begin?

I’ve travelled solo for eight years all around the world. From Russia to Thailand and Germany to Slovenia, and I know exactly how you’re feeling.

On this page, I’ve listed the most important and simple steps to planning a solo trip to anywhere in the world. From finding the cheapest flights, packing, safety tips and booking the best hotels so you’re prepared for the best trip ever. Let me show you how wonderful, life-changing and liberating it is to travel alone. 

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A bit about me

I’ve traveled solo for 10 years.
My first solo trip was to Bali, Singapore & Thailand. It was absolutely terrifying, but doing it anyway strengthened my very core. Since then I’ve traveled to more than 20 countries on my own and I love how liberating it is. 
Miriam Risager
Solo traveler

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