17 fun Arenal Volcano facts you probably didn’t know

Want to learn more about Arenal? Check out these fun and interesting facts!

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Let’s dive in and find out some Arenal fun facts!

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17 fun Arenal Volcano facts

1. Arenal is one of Central America’s most active volcanoes

Arenal is not just another volcano.

It’s one of the most active in Central America, making a name for itself with regular eruptions and shaking things up geologically. It’s a big deal in the area’s volcanic community.

Arenal Volcano facts

2. The volcano is 1,633 meters high

You’re looking at a towering giant of 1,633 meters.

Standing tall against the skyline, Arenal Volcano makes a majestic backdrop for adventure and photography.

3. Arenal had a major eruption in 1968

In 1968, Arenal displayed its fierce power with an eruption that reshaped the surrounding landscape, a reminder of the compelling forces at work within the Earth.

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4. The volcano is known for its iconic conical shape

One of the most well-known Arenal Volcano facts is about its shape.

Arenal is classified as a stratovolcano meaning that it has a typical conical shape. This is what makes Arenal so famous and iconic.

Arenal Volcano

5. Arenal is surrounded by a lush rainforest and wildlife

The area around Arenal Volcano isn’t just trees and plants.

It’s buzzing with all sorts of animals and a variety of plants. It’s like Costa Rica’s own natural zoo, packed with wildlife like sloths, exotic birds and frog species, monkeys, butterflies, and much more.

6. The volcano’s first recorded eruption was in the 16th century

History buffs, take note: Arenal’s eruptive history dates back to its first recorded eruption in the 1500s.

7. Arenal has different lava types

Arenal Volcano has erupted various types of lava, including andesitic, basaltic, and dacitic lava.

These lava types result from the volcano’s geological history and varying gas content in its magma.

Each type behaves differently during eruptions, impacting the landscape and contributing to Arenal’s unique geology.

Arenal volcano facts - volcano eruption

8. It originated over 7,000 years ago from the now-extinct Chato Volcano

Arenal isn’t just a spectacle of the present; its origins trace back over 7,000 years to the now-extinct Chato Volcano.

Despite that – it’s considered a young volcano.

9. Eruptions were visible daily until 2010

Arenal Volcano used to have daily eruptions with lava, gas, and ash visible until 2010.

However, things have calmed down since then, and scientists consider the volcano to be in a resting phase.

So, no more daily eruptions.

10. It’s Costa Rica’s most active volcano in the past 43 years

Arenal earned the title of Costa Rica’s most active volcano thanks to a solid history of rumblings and eruptions over a 43-year span.

11. Arenal was dormant for centuries until erupting in 1968

Arenal had been quiet for centuries until its explosive comeback in 1968. This long slumber made the 1968 eruption even more impressive.

12. You can explore the volcano on an ATV

You explore Arenal Volcano in several ways.

Besides hiking, the most popular way to up close is on an ATV tour. You can also get there on horseback.

best Arenal volcano tours - ATV

13. Nearby hot springs are heated by the volcano

After a day of adventure, you can soak in the nearby geothermal hot springs that are heated by Arenal Volcano.

The Tabacon Hot Springs is the largest network of thermal hot springs in the region.

14. Arenal Observatory Lodge has close-up views

Want to witness Arenal’s grandeur up close? The Arenal Observatory Lodge is the place to get the best views.

15. Nearby Lake Arenal is Costa Rica’s largest lake

The nearby Lake Arenal is Costa Rica’s largest lake at 85 square kilometre (33 sq mi).

Its depth varies between 30 and 60 meters (100–200 feet) seasonally.

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16. Arenal is Costa Rica’s adventure capital

Arenal is known as the adventure capital of Costa Rica. It’s a playground for horseback riding, rafting, ziplining, and a host of other heart-pumping activities.

17. Arenal is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire

Costa Rica is in the volcanic Ring of Fire, along the Pacific Ocean coasts, resulting in 290 volcanic formations.

Among these, five are active volcanoes: Arenal, Irazú, Rincon de la Vieja, Turrialba, and Poás.

This geographical setting explains the country’s volcanic activity and diverse landscapes.

Poas volcano
Poas Volcano, near the capital of San José

FAQ – Facts about Arenal Volcano

How old is the Arenal Volcano?

The Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica is around 7,000 years old. It’s a relatively young volcano and is known for its near-perfect cone shape.

Its most recent period of activity started in 1968 and lasted until 2010, making it a significant landmark for both locals and travelers.

How many times does the Arenal Volcano erupt?

The Arenal Volcano used to erupt frequently, but it entered a resting phase in 2010.

Before that, eruptions occurred several times a day for over four decades.

This constant activity made Arenal a popular spot for observing volcanic activity. Now, it’s quiet, but still a stunning sight for visitors.

What are 3 facts about the Arenal Volcano?

Here are 3 interesting facts about Arenal Volcano:

1. It has a unique shape: Arenal Volcano is renowned for its almost perfect conical shape.

2. It’s a young volcano: At about 7,000 years old, Arenal is considered a young volcano, especially compared to others around the world.

3. It’s known as the adventure capital of Costa Rica: You can enjoy hot springs, hiking trails, river rafting, and the rich biodiversity in the surrounding rainforest.

Why is Arenal Volcano famous?

Arenal Volcano is famous for several reasons:

  • Regular eruptions: Until 2010, Arenal was known for its frequent eruptions, a major draw for tourists.
  • Iconic shape: Its near-perfect cone shape stands out, making it a visually impressive landmark in Costa Rica.
  • Adventure and relaxation: The area offers a mix of activities like hiking, wildlife viewing, and relaxing in hot springs, appealing to a wide range of visitors.

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