Is Mexico City worth visiting in 2024? Pros and cons

If you’re thinking of visiting Mexico City, you’ll want to read this list of pros and cons.

Mexico City has a lot to offer visitors, from its warm climate and top-notch museums to its diverse culture and ancient temples.

But there are also some drawbacks to visiting Mexico City, including the crime rate and the difficulty of getting around.

So, before you consider visiting the capital of Mexico, decide whether these pros and cons are deal breakers for you.

Let’s dig in.

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Is Mexico City worth visiting?

Dangerous, dirty and crowded. Let’s face it, a trip to Mexico City hardly sounds appealing.

And many travelers avoid Mexico City for its bleak reputation, seeing it as somewhere to be skipped out altogether.

However, it’s not the polluted crime hub that many people think, and the city has grown a lot in the last two decades.

Mexico City is becoming recognized as a world-class metropolis in terms of economy, architecture, cuisine and culture.

What I think: I liked Mexico City – it’s welcoming and full of culture and colorful neighborhoods. Although it’s not my top pick in Latin America, it’s still worth visiting!

Is Mexico City worth visiting - Zocalo

About Mexico City

Mexico City (also known as CDMX) is a bustling hub with over 22 million people!

Some of the highlights of visiting include the historic Zócalo, the Frida Kahlo Museum, and the vast Chapultepec Park.

The food scene is also a major draw, offering everything from street tacos to upscale dining. It’s a city that perfectly blends tradition with modernity – it more of less has it all.

Pros and cons of visiting Mexico City

To make it easier, I’ve created an overview of the pros and cons of visiting Mexico City in this table.

I’ll go over each point below.

✅ Exceptional food It’s polluted
✅ It’s green Traffic is heavy
✅ The markets Safety issues
✅ The museums Limited English
✅ Great day trip options❌ History of Corruption

The Pros

Should you visit Mexico City?

Below, I’ve listed the pros of visiting Mexico City so you can decide for yourself. Let’s take a look.


Exceptional food

If you like Mexican cuisine, you’ll absolutely love it here. The variety of authentic dishes is incredible.

The food scene never gets old! The street food is both safe and super affordable. And the tacos, empanadas, and tamales here?

They’re on a whole other level compared to what you find in the US or Canada.

🌮 Try out this food tour and see for yourself!

Chiapas tours - mexico food tour

It’s green

Mexico City is surprisingly green. It even won the World Green City Award in 2022.

Take Chapultepec Park – it’s massive, twice the size of NYC’s Central Park!

It’s nestled next to hotspots like Condesa and Polanco, and it’s always alive with activity – from joggers and cyclists to dog walkers and dancers.

We hung out there a lot but still only saw about half of it. There are tons of smaller parks in every neighborhood too, especially in La Condesa.


The markets

When you’re in Mexico City, you’ve got to hit the markets.

Smell the flowers at Jamaica market, grab fresh produce at Mercado Medellín in Roma, and snag some Mexican souvenirs at La Cuidadela.

If it’s the weekend, don’t miss Él Bazar Sabado in San Angel. It’s the spot for unique, handmade items like textiles and jewelry.


The museums

Did you know that Mexico City has over 150 museums? Frida Kahlo’s Casa Azul is popular, but there’s a lot more to see.

Chapultepec Park has 9 museums, including the National Museum of Anthropology, and in Polanco, the Museo Soumaya displays works by Diego Rivera and others, and it’s free.

Also, the Palacio de Bellas Artes downtown is worth a visit. Heads up, most museums are closed on Mondays.


Great day trip options

Mexico City has lots of things to do, but don’t miss the day trips. The best day tour is Teotihuacán, a UNESCO World Heritage site built around 400 B.C.

No one knows who created it, but it was rediscovered by the Aztecs in the 1400s and they named it Teotihuacán which means “the city of the gods”.

🛕 Get a unique view of the pyramids with this ballon tour over Teotihuacan

Teotihuacán, Mexico
The Cons

Is Mexico City worth visiting?

So, we’ve established that Mexico City has a lot to offer, but there are still a few drawbacks that might make you consider if you want tot go.

Let’s have a look.

The Cons

Mexico City is polluted


Sometimes the smog in the city is so bad, you can’t literally see it. If you breathe it in while walking through, you end up coughing and gasping on the other side.

The city’s making efforts, though.

They’ve put up “green walls” and set driving bans based on license plates, restricting driving on certain days.

Mexico City
The Cons

Traffic is heavy

If you’re in Mexico City, brace yourself for traffic. It’s bad.

In fact, it’s one of the most congested cities globally, with people losing about 158 hours a year to jams.

Mexico City is often called the world’s worst traffic. Getting around can be super stressful, slow, and even a bit risky.

The Cons

Safety issues and a bad reputation

Mexico City doesn’t exactly have the best reputation when it comes to safety.

Cartels, drugs, kidnappings, and murders are what many people associate with the Mexican capital, and TV series like Narcos doesn’t exactly help in that direction.

The first time I visited Mexico City was in 2009 and I did not feel super safe. There were lots of dodgy areas, and it was not safe to go out after dark. Now – it’s like a different city.

The Mexican government has made a huge effort to improve the city in many ways, including its safety, and it has worked.

Mexico City is generally safe, but you should steer clear of certain areas like Tepito, Iztapalapa, Neza, Ecatepec, and Doctores. But these are places you wouldn’t really have a reason to visit anyway.

Mexico City
The Cons

Limited English

English isn’t as widely spoken as you might expect. You’ll often run into situations where nobody speaks English.

If you don’t know Spanish or aren’t open to learning a few key phrases like gracias, por favor, or just a simple hola, Mexico City might not be ideal for you.

The Cons

History of corruption

Mexico struggles with corruption, and it’s important to be aware of this if you’re going there.

Dealing with government tasks can be tough due to corrupt officials, and bribing is fairly common.

However, it’s unlikely that you’ll encounter this unless you’re an expat or planning on spending more time here.

Now to the point: Is Mexico City worth it?

So, is it worth visiting Mexico City?

I think so, yes. But the answer really depends on what you’re looking for.

If you want an adventurous, cultural experience with beautiful weather and amazing food, then yes, visiting Mexico City is definitely worth it!

But if you’re looking for a polished place with no language barrier, then Mexico City might not be the best choice.

It really depends on your individual preferences.

My opinion? Give it a go!

Mexico City

FAQ – Is Mexico City worth visiting?

Is Mexico City worth going?

Yes, go to Mexico City. It has a great mix of history, food, and culture. You’ll enjoy it.

How many days in Mexico City is enough?

Three to four days is enough to see the main sights in Mexico City.

What is so special about Mexico City?

Mexico City is special for its Aztec ruins like Templo Mayor, incredible art at the Frida Kahlo Museum, and delicious food like street tacos. It’s a place where you can explore ancient history, experience rich art, and enjoy some of the best food around.

Which is better Cancun or Mexico City?

I personally like Cancun better, but I’m a beach person.

Ultimately, it depends on what you’re looking for. Cancun is great for beaches, resorts, and a laid-back vacation vibe.

Mexico City offers rich cultural experiences, historical sites, and vibrant city life. If you prefer relaxing by the sea, go for Cancun. If you’re into exploring culture and history, Mexico City is your place.

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