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Greetings from my new apartment! We’ve finally moved in and it’s starting to look like a home (keyword here being starting). Now, I’d probably be all settled in already if I hadn’t been so busy planning my upcoming trip to the Balkans. I am SO excited, you guys.

This trip. Not only is it a totally new region for me, but it’s also a completely new way of traveling. This will be the first trip where I travel as a professional blogger. I am going on my first press trip, collaborating with tourism boards in several countries and receiving complimentary stays at hotels. It’s a whole new world, but I’m very excited to take my blog to the next level. I feel it’s mature and ready for it.

My blog will still be the same, though. I will still do the same trips, write the same way and I still have my own opinion – that can never be bought. The only difference is that sometimes someone else is footing the bill. When this is the case, you will see a disclaimer at the bottom of the post.

Ok, no more serious talk. I have an episode of Vampire Diaries waiting… Don’t judge me. And I have a busy schedule ahead of me. This week’s photos are from our new home plus a sunset photo from my hometown.

Have an amazing week, lovelies.

Spring love

Photo of the Week 25 - Spring

The garden at our new place

Photo of the Week 25 - Spring

Favorite spring tree

Photo of the Week 25 - Spring

My preferred drug of choice


Best time of day

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Now, over to you. Do you have any travel plans for summer?