City Residence – the best hotel in Kosice

City Residence was basically my first meeting with Slovakia, and it was very positive. The hotel is located in the center of Košice town, just a short walk from the pedestrian street and plenty of bars and restaurants. MORE SLOVAKIA TRAVEL TIPS: GET MAPS, ITINERARIES AND SLOVAKIAN PHRASES CITY RESIDENCE, KOSICE I was welcomed to City Residence by a super [...]

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Austria Trend Hotel has the best view in Salzburg

I was recently in Salzburg where I stayed at the Austria Trend Hotel. With a super convenient location, just 100 meters from the train station, it couldn't have been more ideal for my day trips to Hallstatt and Liechtensteinklamm gorge. Plus, check out the view I had from my room ↑  MORE AUSTRIA TRAVEL TIPS: GET MAPS, ITINERARIES AND GERMAN PHRASES [...]

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Luxury at St. Petersbourg Hotel, Tallinn

Just a stone's throw from the main square, tucked away between the cobblestone streets of the Old Town lies St. Petersbourg hotel. What's really unique about this place - besides the fact that you feel like you just stepped into a Russian time warp - is that it's the oldest hotel in Tallinn. The history of the hotel building dates back [...]

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Yoga and relaxation at Palazzo Radomiri Hotel

After two weeks in Slovenia and Croatia, I arrived in Montenegro to indulge in nature and mountainous views before heading back to Scandinavia. I based myself in the historic Bay of Kotor and found the perfect place for a bit a of recreation and relaxation: a sea-captain's mansion that had been transformed into a boutique hotel. By the water's edge in [...]

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My night in a former Yugoslavian prison

For 100 years, the thick-stoned building on Metelkova Street was known as the political prison in Ljubljana; an imposing hell designed to imprison people according to different opinions and believes. The prison shows a darker side of Ljubljana's history, but it has grown into a social center and a melting pot of art, culture and positive vibes. [...]

Siem Reap, you’ve won me over

It took me almost nine years, but I have finally found new appreciation for Siem Reap. My first visit... Well, it wasn't pretty. During the four days I spent in the country, I got trapped in a public bathroom with a huntsman spider the size of a SMALL CHILD... I was sexually harassed by a group of police officers and upon [...]

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