I’m going on a fairy tale quest through Europe

I have a long journey ahead; 5,000 km, 7 countries and one month to be exact. And I'm covering this distance by train. The countries I'm going to aren't typical destinations for me and I've been to most of them already. But this trip isn't about discovering new countries or traveling off-the-beaten track. It's about visiting places that makes me happy. [...]

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15 most popular Instagram photos in 2015

Oh, Instagram. After 1,5 years it's still my favorite social media. My love for this particular media outlet isn't just about my photography addiction, it's the interaction I have with my audience. It's much more personal than Twitter for instance. Plus, my Instagram has pretty much exploded in 2015 as I've gone from 500 to 24,000 followers in just [...]

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Life at thirty-three

Today, I'm turning thirty-three. I'm spending the day with the love of my life, relaxing at home with a bottle of my favorite white wine and roast beef for dinner. I've also spent time reflecting on how far I've come this year. Last week, I celebrated my two-year blogiversary and what I've accomplished as a blogger. It [...]

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My blog turns 2 years today!

Gosh. Has it been 2 years already?! It's funny how fast time flies, but when I look back at what I've accomplished since my last blogiversary, I realize that I've been quite busy. Aside from moving to another city and getting new exciting freelance gigs, I've been to 7 new countries, done a lot of solo travel, [...]

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Summer in Denmark

Summer went by so fast and it's autumn already. Although we didn't have the best of weather, it was still a season blessed with good memories and family time. A while back I decided to spend the summer in Denmark to explore more of my country and delight in the Scandinavian food, climate and ambience. All three months. From June [...]

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Photo of the Week 31 – Home sweet home

Greetings from sunny summer-ish Denmark. Maybe you've already noticed, but my Photo of the Week posts have been a bit delayed to say the least. So this post is a round-up of the past three weeks. Things have been busy since I returned from the Balkans. I've been swamped with freelance projects and work, and I'm trying to [...]

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Photo of the Week 30 – Montenegro

I finally made it to Montenegro, which is the last stop on my Balkan trip. I decided to stay in Kotor Bay and do day trips around the country, and I'm really glad I did (check out the last photo and you'll see why). I had been really excited about visiting Montenegro. Everyone raves about how spectacular it is and [...]

Photo of the Week 29 – Croatia

Dobar Dan from Croatia. I've spent nearly two weeks in this beautiful country and I'm not at all ready to leave. My first week was spent exploring the small towns of Istria and enjoying gourmet food & wine in great company. Although I had an outstanding time, I was also excited to see the rest of Croatia. Next stop on my trip was Plitvice [...]

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