My blog turns 2 years today!

Gosh. Has it been 2 years already?! It's funny how fast time flies, but when I look back at what I've accomplished since my last blogiversary, I realize that I've been quite busy. Aside from moving to another city and getting new exciting freelance gigs, I've been to 7 new countries, done a lot of solo travel, [...]

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10 lessons I’ve learned from 1 year of blogging

A few days ago I celebrated my first blogiversary. Yay! This made me think of what I've achieved and learned since I started out 1 year ago. Although my blog was struggling in the beginning, I've come a long way these past few months. Overall, my social media skills have improved remarkably, I'm more confident as a [...]

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The must-have plugins for your blog

Wordpress I'm a happy wordpress user. It s free, and the only thing I pay for is my domain name: I started off with a blog, but quickly changed to a, which allows a lot more freedom and cool features. Wordpress is a great blogging tool; very easy to understand and edit [...]

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