• An introduction the Art Nouveau in Riga and where to find it

Riga’s beautiful Art Nouveau area

January 31st, 2016|6 Comments

Do you have a thing when you travel? I mean, a thing you travel for. Like, food, nature or history? For me the thing has changed a bit over the years. Earlier, I wasn't really paying attention [...]

  • Espa Riga

Girls’ spa weekend in Riga? Here’s how to do it

January 26th, 2016|4 Comments

If you're wondering where the most luxurious, fabulous spa is located in Latvia, you've landed the right place. ESPA Riga, hidden behind the beautiful facade of a historic Art Nouveau building, is six floors of sheer wellness [...]

  • Riga, Latvia

Hotel review | Bellevue Park Hotel Riga

January 17th, 2016|2 Comments

Photo by Bellevue Park Hotel In August, I went to Riga for the first time. Given its European flair but with a Baltic twist, it had been on my travel list for quite some [...]

15 amazing things you must do in Riga

January 14th, 2016|26 Comments

So, last week we talked about why you should visit Latvia. Besides the fact that it's cheap and you get some serious value for your money, there are so many things to do in the city of Riga. [...]

  • Riga in Latvia

Why you should visit Latvia right now

January 5th, 2016|28 Comments

I have this good friend from Latvia. Ever since I met her, she has talked about the awesome Riga and how super double awesome it is. Each time she gets back from Riga, she tells me how much [...]