High Tatras. The place you’re overlooking but shouldn’t

For any of you readers considering visiting a cheap hiking destination with alpine views and shimmering clear lakes that basically no one knows about, I've been researching and testing and I have advice for you: Go to the High Tatras in Slovakia. The High Tatras Mountains (Vysoké Tatry) is like the Swiss Alps, only cheaper and much less [...]

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The most delicious food in Slovakia

So, what exactly is Slovakian food? I asked myself that question before arriving in Košice and found out that it packs a punch of cabbage, dumplings and stews. It kind of reminded me of dinner at my grandma's, which was high-fat, but very down-to-earth. In this post I'll share some of the dishes I had in Slovakia [...]

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Charming Košice is calling your name

Today, I'm introducing you to Košice (pronounced Ko-shi-tse), one of the most underrated cities and hidden gems in Europe. With a population of over 250,000, Košice is the second largest city in Slovakia, and in 2013 it was the European Capital of Culture. It's fairly small and easy to get around, especially if you're staying in Košice center [...]

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City Residence – the best hotel in Kosice

City Residence was basically my first meeting with Slovakia, and it was very positive. The hotel is located in the center of Košice town, just a short walk from the pedestrian street and plenty of bars and restaurants. MORE SLOVAKIA TRAVEL TIPS: GET MAPS, ITINERARIES AND SLOVAKIAN PHRASES CITY RESIDENCE, KOSICE I was welcomed to City Residence by a super [...]

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