A merry Christmas in North Jutland

We spent Christmas in North Jutland at my uncle's this year. In many ways it's been a wonderful Christmas, but I've also had some mixed emotions. It's the first year that my little brother (wasn't supposed to) spend Christmas with us, and one of my best friends´ mom passed away this Christmas. It's difficult to block out things like these, even when everything [...]

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Summer in Denmark

Summer went by so fast and it's autumn already. Although we didn't have the best of weather, it was still a season blessed with good memories and family time. A while back I decided to spend the summer in Denmark to explore more of my country and delight in the Scandinavian food, climate and ambience. All three months. From June [...]

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A day trip to Tornby Strand

This, my friends. This post will show you (yet again) why I LOVE Northern Jutland. Yesterday, we headed north to pick up my parents at the airport. They had been roadtripping in USA and Canada for the past 5 weeks, so I was excited to get them home. We decided to visit Thomas' parents who are vacating in Tornby and [...]

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The super cool ARoS museum in Aarhus

THIS, my friends. This is ARoS. This is colorful, cultural ARoS. Think light shows and magical mirrors with 3D-effect, über-cool rainbow panoramic views of the city, live performance, and Jack Black. Wait, what? Yes, think Jack Black in Gulliver meets Gollum. SUPERSIZED and twice as bizarre. That's ARoS in a nutshell. ARoS is one of the [...]

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Photo of the Week 23 – Copenhagen

Greetings from the capital! I was just in Copenhagen for a job interview and I did a lot of sightseeing while I was there. I love, love, LOVE the Copenhagen vibe! Aside from ridiculously bad weather the first day, I was thrilled to explore the city. Strolling down the pedestrian street lined with local shops and just taking in the [...]

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A cold day in Fjellerup

Camping season has officially started, and this week I went with my parents to Fjellerup to set up camp. The weather was absolutely gorgeous - blue skies and sun - but the wind was cold as... Following tradition, we went to the famous Ice cream house and got this year's first ice cream... Only in [...]

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Harridslev – where I grew up

Finally, finally, at last. Spring has arrived! I'm in the countryside, and these days I'm waking up to the sound of bird chirping and sunlight, flowers in the garden... and silence. It's quiet here. Like, really quiet. Aside from the birds, all I hear is the occasional car and tractors in the field preparing soil for spring planting. [...]

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The beautiful Marselisborg forest

Since my last post, I've been looking up sights to visit in Aarhus and there are actually quite a few. One of the things I like most about this city is that it's the perfect mix between traditional and modern <--- Just wait and see when I show you photos from ARoS and The Old Town! This [...]

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