Sibiu, Romania. The city where houses have eyes

Sibiu was voted Cultural European Capital in 2007 and named by Forbes as “Europe’s 8th most idyllic place to live”. But that's not why I came to Sibiu. No, this city has something far more unique and interesting: first of all, it's based in Transylvania, the home of Count Dracula, and second of all: the houses have [...]

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Vampire hunting in fang-tastic Brasov

I arrived in Brasov, Romania early in the morning on the night train from Budapest. As the train pulled into the sleepy station, I looked through the cold, drafty windows for fangs or lurking bats to emerge. It was my first stop in Transylvania and I was more than excited about visiting the playground of Count Dracula. [...]

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Charming Košice is calling your name

Today, I'm introducing you to Košice (pronounced Ko-shi-tse), one of the most underrated cities and hidden gems in Europe. With a population of over 250,000, Košice is the second largest city in Slovakia, and in 2013 it was the European Capital of Culture. It's fairly small and easy to get around, especially if you're staying in Košice center [...]

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Edinburgh – the real Jekyll and Hyde city

Edinburgh might just be the most haunted and atmospheric city I've been to. And you know, it has had its fair share of serial killers, ghost stories and plague outbreaks. In the Old Town, memories from the Middle Ages lurk around every corner, in the dark alleyways and the moldering graveyards. MORE SCOTLAND TRAVEL TIPS: GET MAPS, ITINERARIES AND SCOTTISH PHRASES [...]

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If you’re headed to Vienna, you’re doing things right

Craving a getaway to a cultural city of world-renowned cake, classic architecture and all-around perfect enchantment? Welcome to Vienna. The Austrian capital is flecked with coffee houses, museums, history and imperial palaces. And the best part is that everything is in super close range. Most of Vienna's major attractions are located around the Ringstrasse, a historic city center that is easily visited [...]

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Salzburg – the city of Mozart and Sound of Music

Ah Salzburg...! The city of Mozart and Sound of Music; famous for its mountainous backdrop and baroque UNESCO Old Town. Salzburg was the first stop on my trip through Austria and I was super excited to spend four days there. Want the full Sound of Music experience while you're reading this post? Stop everything you're doing, follow [...]

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Munich: beyond Lederhosen and Oktoberfest

Friday in Munich dawned bright and beautiful, perfect for sightseeing. I arrived with train from Nuremberg and was ready to take on Munich, full of enthusiasm and energy. Munich is thriving. More and more people visit every year, and its walkable centre makes it an easy and popular place to visit. Throw in the famous Oktoberfest, [...]

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Two days in Strasbourg

I recently spent two days in Strasbourg on a budget. Although France & I had known each other for years, this was my first time in Alsace; the eastern part of the country. Alsace is known for two things in particular: the half-timbered fairy tale houses and the food and wine. Guess how I spent my [...]

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A tale of two ancient cities: Pula and Porec

Istria with its ancient cities, countryside charm and aromatic food is without doubt amazing. I've been there twice already and oh, I'll definitely be back, alright! Aside from Rovinj, I was most impressed by Pula and Poreč when we're talking about history and foreign architectural style. All of Istria has been inhabited since prehistoric times so both Pula and Poreč [...]

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Saint Petersburg, you are fascinating

Saint Petersburg was never part of my travel plans to begin with. I was only supposed to visit Latvia, Estonia and Finland, but that was before my friend pointed out that Russia is only a slight detour from the Baltics. And that's all the convincing I needed. Prior to this trip, I had never been to Russia [...]

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